Privacy Policy

Bridgewood Property Company is committed to protecting your privacy. This statement delineates the steps that we take to protect your personal information when you visit our website. By accessing our website, you are consenting to the information collection and use practices referenced in this privacy statement.

When you are asked to provide us with the necessary information to contact you we want to notify you that we will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law.

Collection of Your Personal Information

Bridgewood Property Company does not sell information to any unrelated third parties.

Changes to the Company’s Online Privacy Policy

Bridgewood Property Company reserves the right, from time to time, to change, and/or modify, add or remove parts of the Online Privacy Policy at any time. Bridgewood Property Company encourages you from time to time to check the Privacy Policy page to ensure that you are aware of the privacy practices that are currently in place.

Privacy Practices:

Bridgewood Property Company practices confidentiality and respect for resident privacy. The Privacy and Security Rule will provide an even greater opportunity for Bridgewood Property Company to monitor the safe keeping of our resident’s Protected Health Information (PHI). The HIPAA Privacy Rule, effective April 14, 2003, is aimed at safeguarding the privacy of our residents through increased accountability in the areas of privacy and security. The Privacy rule establishes for the first time, a foundation for Federal protections for the privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI). The HIPAA Security Rule, effective April 20, 2005, becomes more specific and calls for protection of HI in electronic formats.